School Volunteer Club

School Volunteer Club

Volunteers at our school are involved in a wide range of activities to benefit the school and provide peer assistance. The main activities of the School Volunteer Club take place within the school and are primarily based on collaboration with the School Library and After-School Care. The School Volunteer Club also responds to requests when it comes to organizing school events or other external activities.

What does a Volunteer do?

1. Assists with studying and homework.
Some volunteers from grades 6-8 meet with their fellow students in the library or after-school care to help them with their homework and reinforce their knowledge.
2. Assists in the School Library.
Volunteers who are not assigned to a specific student help in the library with tasks such as bookbinding or other assignments given by the library’s teachers. This assistance can be provided until 3:00 PM.
3. Assists in the After-School Care.
Volunteers with free time after 3:00 PM can join the after-school care program. Here, they not only help younger students with their studies but also engage in various games and activities, all in cooperation with the after- school care teachers.
4. Participates in school cultural events, ceremonies, and festivals. Volunteers support the organizational efforts of teachers, assisting backstage, guiding guests, and performing various cleanup tasks.
5. Assists in organizing sports competitions.
Volunteers from sports classes have the opportunity to contribute to their volunteering hours by helping during sports events, completing tasks assigned by coaches.

Volunteers participate in meetings and training sessions.

During School Volunteer Club meetings, organizational matters and topics related to the concept of volunteering are discussed.

How to become a Volunteer?
Any student in grades 6-8 who is willing to dedicate their free time (e.g., 1 hour per week) to help others can become a volunteer. The condition is to accept the regulations of the School Volunteer Club and the agreement of parents or legal guardians to join the club.

All formalities are handled in the office of the school counselor (Wioletta Ziółkowska-Żyła), who coordinates the activities of the School Volunteer Club.


School Volunteer Club Regulations