The Library

The Library

Mgr Marta Jachimowska
Mgr Beata Szymura

The school library occupies three rooms on the ground floor of our school. It consists of a lending section, a corner for the youngest students, a reading area, and a storage section. In the library, open access to the shelves is in place, meaning, you can independently choose the books you find interesting. The reading area is equipped with a computer for students, a multifunctional device, and a 3D printer. You can also play chess or other educational games here.

The school library has a collection of 30,000 books, primarily for children and teenagers, but also for older readers. It includes fiction, popular science books, guides, and educational materials that support the learning process. The library is responsible for textbooks and educational materials lent to students as part of government funding. It strives to regularly enrich its collection with new publications and encourages children and teenagers to read. In this regard, the library collaborates with publishers, cultural and educational institutions, and organizes various initiatives and contests to promote reading.

Regular Events:

  • WorldTeddyBearDay
  • WorldCatDay
  • ChocolateDay
  • BeeDay
  • BookandCopyrightDay
  • ReadAloudDay
  • OctoberInternationalSchoolLibraryMonth
  • BeautifulReadingCompetitioninClasses4-8 • RecitationContests
  • LEGOBrick-RelatedContests

In the school year 2023/2024, the library is implementing the following projects:

  • NationalReadingDevelopmentProgram2.0
  • TheLibrary-AGoodPlaceforPeople
  • TheChampionSzymborska