Primary School No. 5 with Sports Departments. Janusz Kusociński in Chorzów

School year

It contains information about holiday breaks, vacations, additional days off from classes, and dates of meetings with parents.

Event calendar

Contains information about important events and events planned to be held in particular months of the school year.


The school organizes teaching and remedial classes as well as activities that develop students’ interests.

Famous people

We are proud of many excellent graduates who prove that our School provides solid education.

Swimming pool and other rooms for rent

We invite you to our modern swimming pool, where we ensure cleanliness and safety, as well as to the sports hall and modernly equipped classrooms.

School of possibilities

We have modern, colorful rooms adapted to the needs of students, a sports hall, two gymnasiums, a gym and a modern swimming pool.

We provide the necessary tools and knowledge to express creativity and creativity. We provide opportunities to create and exhibit artistic works and perform in front of a wide audience on the school theater stage.

School of Masters and Mistresses

Our school is a place to develop skills and discover talents. Our teachers are real masters in their fields.

Whether in sports, art, science or humanities, you can learn from the best here.

You can meet many enthusiasts here who will inspire you or give you a helping hand.

We follow the established rules and ensure safety and discipline.

Our goal is to raise young, sports-active, open-minded people who work, take up challenges and win!