Sports profiles


In grades 4-8, we provide sports training in swimming at the school pool. By improving swimming skills among students in swimming classes, we focus on the comprehensive development of the child, proper body posture, and the promotion of a sports spirit. We teach sports swimming techniques, swimming rules and regulations, and competition in the spirit of Fair Play principles. Furthermore, we enhance motor skills both through pool activities and land-based exercises. Students in swimming classes are prepared to compete in school and club events such as the Children and Youth School Games, Chorzów Swimming Championships, Polish Junior Championships, Silesian Championships, and the Silesian Clubs League. In the school’s history, our graduates have repeatedly stood on the podium in the above mentioned competitions, as well as international events at the highest level.


Athletics is a diverse set of sports disciplines that encompass running, jumping, throwing, and many other competitions. This form of sport has numerous benefits for both individual athletes and society as a whole. Athletics is an excellent way to improve overall physical health. It has a positive impact on the heart, circulatory system, respiratory system, and musculoskeletal system.

Regular athletics training can help maintain a healthy body and prevent many diseases.

Athletics develops a variety of physical skills such as strength, endurance, speed, agility, and coordination. As a result, it can improve overall physical fitness. If you want to stay healthy and maintain physical fitness, consider enrolling in a sports class with a focus on athletics. We will provide you with 6 hours of training under the supervision of specialized coaching staff.


Handball is one of the most attractive forms of physical activity. It combines running, jumping, and throwing. This makes it a discipline that is easy to learn as well as very attractive to watch. Beautiful action, fast pace and plenty of goals make everyone who plays handball once, want to come back for more. The school has a sports class with a handball profile for boys.

Children from the fourth grade train as part of their lesson plan, which consists of six hours of sports training and four hours of physical education.Students in the handball sports class also participate in league competitions organized by the Silesian Handball Association. Students from our school are regularly called up to represent the Silesian region and the youth national team of Poland.

School graduates have the opportunity to continue their training in high school. After completing their training cycle, the players frequently join senior clubs at various competition levels across Poland.